SwanI have started my training for the wild swim due to take place at the end of this month. So far I have only been in the pool, which is decidedly warm! Having not been in the pool for over a year I was a little apprehensive about my water fitness, but all the cross training is obviously paying off! I am managing to swim 2500m relatively easily maintaining a very steady front crawl (I am not looking to break any speed records!). I know swimming in the open water will be very different & at current water temperatures very cold! Sally who is swimming with me on the 29th June, ventured into the sea in Cornwall at 1/2 term and to quote “even with a wetsuit it, was almost unbearable” ……… We are having a few nice sunny days now, so lets hope the water is warming up a tad! I am planning to book at least one session with a coach, so that I get some kind of expert advice before spending a few hours swimming in the salty sea water off the Dorset Coast. Swallowing warm pool water is one thing, but taking on-board too much salt water is another!

Although not one of my challenges, I am venturing up the Shard this Saturday with my Beautiful God Daughter, Sophie Polisena. Having watched the Shard being built on various visits up to London, I am really looking forward to experiencing the views. The forecast is currently looking good with plenty of sunshine, so it should be fabulous.

I am yet to organise challenges for July, August & September. I have had a few suggestions, but would welcome your thoughts on any more ……

In October, I am going with two of my oldest & dearest friends to Istanbull. We were all at St Hilda’s School from the age of 9, in the deepest darkest depths of North Yorkshire, near Whitby, a Church of England convent school – run by nuns!

Photo 3 This photo on the left was taken of us in 1977! The one on the right was taken many years later in France at Gilly’s where we all had a fabulous holiday together. Can you spot all of us in the photo from 1977?  We all turn 50 within 10 weeks of each other, as the youngest I always enjoying having a few extra weeks on Dawn & Amanda, but I have to be honest and say that Dawnie probably has the most shiny hair with the fewest greys!!Photo 4