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little … little.Cooking dinner in Nepal

When I was trekking in Nepal last Oct, one of the highlights was dinner with the local Tharu tribe. We picked baby ferns (just like the ones that grow in our woods!) with our new friend and host Saru. We then cleaned and prepared them with the rest of the vegetables. Hygiene was of the highest levels – Gordon Ramsey would have been proud! We helped cook in their tiny kitchens, over the open fire. Their custom is that the guests eat first, then the husband and children, with the mother eating last. The meal started with curried ferns, rice, a little meat and rice wine. We were encouraged to have a ‘little.. little’ more. Four ‘little … little’ courses later we managed to persuade Saru to eat with us. Most tourists leave after dinner, but our hosts were enjoying the evening as much as we were, so the drums came out and the dancing started!

The learning from this is that a ‘little …little’ goes a long way! The current economic climate is tough to say the least, if lots of people can give a little, together we can make a difference. Thanks for your support.

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