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Jo and Training Partner Charlie

Jo and Training Partner Charlie

What can I say, Jo loves maltesers and pink! 

She’s my friend and business partner of 10 years. She’s like a big sister and a mum – keeps me laughing but can make me cry (all for my own good!!) Jo is a passionate, energetic, mum of 3! I like to think of her as a ‘pocket battleship’! The driving force of our business is largely her, although since embarking on a business coaching course last year (another one of Jo’s ideas) she has helped me realise that I have contributed more than I was able to give myself credit for, and for that I thank her hugely. But we would not have survived the last 10 years if we had not had our secret weapon – laughter! Getting the giggles at all the most inappropriate times is probably what she does best, and I love her for it. 

When Jo told me about the Polar Race, I guess I was quite amazed, but the more I found out about the challenge the more I realised that this was a natural progression for Jo’s nutty outlook on life and her ‘just do it’ attitude! My biggest worry is that her iPhone may not receive emails in the North Pole!

I admire Jo for all her enthusiasm, and have learnt a lot from her over the years and now think of her as a friend first, work second! – Katie Murray, Director Simply Stuck

Jo is the only person I know who can get 28 hours out of the 24 hour day!! – she has always been this way, well ever since I have known her.

She is always calm, someone who is great to call if you are in a panic yourself. I know that this challenge she has set herself (a big freezing cold trek of epic proportions!!!)  will test her, something she is well aware of, but I know that she will succeed because she is very good at remaining focused on what she wants to achieve. Jo is always positive, (negativity is not in her psyche), She has the mindset to do this and a body which is coming along nicely! – Sarah Kennedy, Next Door Neighbour

Jo has an excellent outlook on life with an extremely positive and optimistic attitude.  There is always a solution for every challenge. 

Jo has a wonderfully supportive family (3 children, a husband and training partner Charlie the retriever) and business team of 6 who know that when Jo sets her sights on a big challenge she will achieve it.  Jo manages to run her family and her business with an energy that is quite amazing.

For 2011 Jo has set herself an awesome challenge – To walk to the North Pole as part of the Polar Race. Jo believes that a fit body leads to a healthy mind.  Jo practices what she believes – you should see some of the ‘brightly coloured’ fruit and vegetable smoothies she makes.

Jo is inspirational – Quite the most amazing dynamo I have ever had the pleasure to know. – Alex Petty, Business Coach



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I am an active 46 year old family Mum with a supportive husband & 3 fabulous kids!
I run a local business, www.simplystuck.com specialising in personalisation; employing a team of 8.
I am an energetic and determined individual, who thrives on challenge; regularly walking 70 miles a week.
My training in 2010 for the Polar-Race includes the MoonWalk in May, and Nijmagen Marches in July.
I believe you have to participate in community life; I was actively involved in the school PTA for 7 years, and Chaired the committee which set up the ‘Clatfords’ Shop Association’ a successful village owned shop.

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