This had been a mixed week!


 I continue to be surprised by the generosity and help from people with very busy lives. Many of whom have never met me, and don’t know me from Adam. (Hopefully one of them will know Kevin …… see last weeks update!). I am making steady progress on my approach for sponsorship and fundraising. I have my first contact for a feature in a National magazine and I am learning rapidly about the social skills of tweeting; Annie, my 14 year old daughter says “I am too old for a Twitter account!”; Dave (, who makes this site look fantastic, and more importantly work, has given me a link for a beginners guide to Twitter. I will keep you informed of my progress!

There was a very interesting article in the Saturday Telegraph Magazine about Alice Walpole, HM Consul-General in southern Iraq. A single mother of 6, who seems to have sorted a great home / work routine, (although she obviously needs some Simply Stuck name labels, to free her up from sewing on name tapes). I loved her perspective on life “It’s not always about striving to get to the top. It’s just about getting to a place where the view is good”


Having thought I had escaped from the gym session quite lightly, I realised how sore my stomach muscles were when I picked up a tennis racket for the first time in 2010. Hitting any balls which required me reaching out to the side or overhead (backhands, smashes and most volleys) resulted in me doubling up in pain, It was a very slow session! By Friday’s Pilate’s I felt slightly better, although I didn’t manage to roll down very far in the ‘Roll Down & Shake’ manoeuvre, before my stomach muscles went into complete spasm!

I started Nordic walking last summer and can highly recommend it. Nordic walking  involves walking with poles. The poles ‘push’ you along, making you work harder than normal walking, but they provide support. You work the whole body more efficiently and effectively. It can be done anywhere and does not require any special clothing. On Saturday evening we walked a brisk 10k from Tidworh to Lugershall and back via Perham Down. Contact  for instructors local to you. Most will offer an introductory session for £5.00. Although I seem to have spent most of this weekend in a car ferrying children to various sporting activities, John, Charlie dog & I did manage a 10k walk today in the late evening sunshine, which allowed us some quality time to catch up with each other.