… and that is just the dog!

Charlie Dog

Charlie Dog

Charlie Dog had his annual check-up at the vets this weekend. Our regular walking round Hampshire is obviously as beneficial for Charlie as it is for me! The vet commented on his toned muscular physique (I am still working on mine) and his long slow healthy heart beat. Charlie is my training partner on most of my walks (up to 15 miles), sometimes we let other people join us! I bought a new pedometer in January; since the end of January 2010 we have walked 270 miles, that is further than from London to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne! At the moment our monthly average is circa 120 miles; that will increase by about 50% from next month with the lighter mornings and evenings.

I have also got to start fitting in some gym work to build up strength in my shoulders. The harness for the pulk (Sledge) is a shoulder harness fitted on the waist or hips (depending on personal preference!) “Friends” keep asking when I will start training with tyres … if that happens, I am sure you will see the pictures here first.

There are a number of long walks (26 miles) pencilled into the diary over the next few months:

If you know of any other ‘organised’ walks through our beautiful countryside (or cities), please do let me know. Have a good week!