Arctic Exploring

Arctic Exploring

A Christmas present from a dear friend was a subscription to Red Magazine for a year. The thought I think, was that I might make myself a little quiet time, escape from the realities of  daily life – organising the kids, running a house (I am not the tidiest and housework is low on my priority list!), running a business and walking the dog! One of the articles was about taking risks, making life changes and stop stagnating!

At the end of 2009, I decided that I would enter the Polar Race 2011 (do you think this was what the magazine meant when it said “throw caution to the wind and inject some oomph into your life”?). I have achieved lots over the last 4 and half decades, but never pushed myself to the limits either physically or mentally (apart from childbirth). Having focused on the family and Simply Stuck  for the last 10 years, I thought this would stretch me in every way possible. From the challenges of raising sponsorship, fundraising for charity, getting race fit, working with people I have never met before, and leaving behind my family for over a month.

Over the next 15 months there is a lot to learn and do. We had a training session last weekend. The event was called “Fitness Wake up Call!” It started with commando circuits in a cold school gym, run by a former Met Police PT Instructor! I now ache in places I didn’t know I could ache and I have been provided with a suggested schedule of activity which I need to fit into my already very busy daily life.

In-case you are interested this includes:

  • Endurance training (once a week)  – long walks (the notes say don’t push yourself too hard – start of with 10 miles!!)
  • Strength training (twice a week) – We ladies particularly need to strengthen our upper bodies, we all have to pull our own sledges (pulks in polar speak), which are at least equivalent to my own body weight.
  • Aerobic training (two/ three times a week) – running, swimming, cycling, fast walking (my favourite option), to build up stamina.

I am very excited about learning completely new skills, working with new people, and finding new muscles ……. I love a challenge!