WindmillToday was a day of 2 halves! Having got an early night and done lots of stretches I felt really good and the first 15 miles seemed to whizz past; then the dreaded joint pain set in and we slowed down hugely. John really struggled with about 10 miles to go; and that was when the hills started. We had thought they might be a rumour when we hadn’t seen one in the first 20 miles! We walked the 7 hills which were not overly steep, but were continuous, up, down, up down. Luckily we walked with soldiers for most the hills, and their marching songs kept us going…. “push a  little harder …”

We have put Johns ‘burn outs’ down to a lack of food, so tomorrow we will stop a few times and enjoy the local food en route. For the last three days, the only stops we have taken have been loo stops!

The temperatures were much better today. Tuesday and Wednesday it was 28 deg. Today is was a cloudy 24 deg! They had forecast rain today which never happened! It is meant to be similar tomorrow. Apparently it is one continuous party tomorrow, I am sure it will be very emotional. The support from the locals has been fantastic, today we had our first brass band playing before 5.00am!

Blister repair took over two hours for John this afternoon (I think I was done in just under an hour). How many red cross workers does it take to drain a blister on your heel? Three, with the first one who had tried, holding your hand saying this will be a little mean!!

Have you ever wondered what Father Christmas does in the summer?? The Nijmegen Marches!

Father Christmas - keeping fit!

Father Christmas - keeping fit!