Nijmegen Marches – Day 3

It was an early start today. At the beginning of the week Day 3 was meant to be very wet, but with the exception of a very heavy down pour as we approached the finished, it was a hot sticky day!

Having not seen much of the Military Marchers yesterday we saw lots today & they walked with us for all but the last 5km. They are very motivational with all their marching songs – but my favourite today was a unit from Denmark which played the pipe and drums. It was lovely to listen to and ensured you kept a good pace!

We stopped for coffee and lunch, with an additional unplanned stop at the Military Red Cross, where I had my ‘mean”blister from day one re-dressed. A nice young Dutch soldier looked after me very well! This one blister is causing me huge discomfort (mainly when I stop walking!) It really needs a few days rest from heavy pounding of the streets to let the bruising and swelling go done …. still only one more day.

Day Three is the Day of Groesbeek, and we walked the seven hills (probably the only seven hills in Holland!) They were steady inclines, which were quite hot work in the heat of the day, but do not compare to the likes of Offa’s Dyke!

Ten minutes before we reached the finished the heavens opened and the rain poured down. By the time we had checked-in and got back to Vanessa & Dirk’s house we were soaked! Luckily I have some dry boots for tomorrow; I am not sure how long they will remain dry as we have rain forecast for the morning!

Tomorrow is our final day – Our last 40km! 3