Polar Sam Ottewell

Polar Sam Ottewell

I had the most fantastic day on Thursday 17th February.

 Having presentated to Abbotts Ann Primary School in September 2010, about my Polar Race, and it’s challenges, they organised a North Pole Day for the whole school, to raise funds for The Jamie G Sporting Trust. The North Pole Day was an idea developed by The School Council lead by the inspirational Key Stage 2 teacher Sam Ottewell.

It was an action packed day ….. all the children arrived at the school in fancy dress. There were Polar Bears, Father Christmas, Lost Penguins, Explorers, Elves, Polar Hares, Igloos, ice-bergs, Caribou (as I was informed after I called this chap a Reindeer!), snow flakes, stars …  A huge amount of effort and time had clearly been spent by everyone. Rosie Davies (A School Governor) and I had the very difficult task of judging winners from each class.



Ben Moore filming for BBC South Today

Ben Moore filming for BBC South Today

Ben Moore, a reporter from BBC South Today arrived just after we finished judging. He spent a good hour filming all the children’s activities, talking to them, and making it a very special day. I frequently heard children saying it was the best school day ever! There was so much for the children to do, from designing a sledge, researching about the Arctic, working out how to survive with polar bears, decorating arctic biscuits, doing arctic collages, drawing pictures of arctic animals ( I was presented with two superb paintings by a very talented Callum and Sam),and putting up tents. Most the tents were straight forward, but the one pictured here had an external frame, and all in the instructions were in German! When the children struggled to put this tent up, the teachers praised them for trying and told them “even Arctic-Mummy couldn’t do it!”

Polar Lunch

Lunch for North Pole Day

After all the hard work in the morning, we had a break for our Polar lunch! The tables were all decorated in a polar theme, and Polar bears and penguins lined up along the windows. It was a very sociable lunch with all the staff sitting with the children.

After lunch we launched the balloons for a balloon race; with balloons travelling over 1200 miles from a launch 10 days earlier the children were hopeful of some good results!

For the rest of the afternoon, the children walked round the lovely school grounds. Each class had a designated route for their sponsored walk. It was fabulous weather, and they loved being outside, walking, skipping and running round! I pulled a large 4 wheel tyre with them for a short while, then completed the walk without it, enjoying talking to them, and answering their questions.

Polar Bear & Lost Penguin

Polar Bear & Lost Penguin

When the children had completed the sponsored walk they returned to their class rooms for some quiet time, and a cool down before heading home. I popped into each class to thank them for such a fantastic day. The children were still full of enthusiasm, asking further questions …. this had also been one of the best school days ever for me as well!

The teachers and staff at the school were amazing, they weren’t fazed by the BBC, local papers and Jamie G Charity disrupting their carefully planned day. Everybody joined in; all the teachers were dressed up and entered into the spirit of the day. With this kind of leadership it is easy to understand why there is such a happy atmosphere in the school, and why the children are so polite, confident and engaging.

The BBC compiled a comprehensive news clip of the day, which was shown on the regional news. It was great coverage for Abbotts Ann school and Arctic-Mummy!

There is a good selection of photos from the day in the Gallery unfortunately I can only include a few in the blog!